Installation of ABS NS5 Maintenance Software.

ABS Nautical Systems NS5 software is already on board.


Our second ship m.v. "Floriana" is afloat.

Launching of m.v. "Floriana" took place on 18th July 2012.


BIMCO Membership

Transship Bulk have become Owner Member of BIMCO.


M.v. Zina left 21st Century Shipyard on 18th May 2012

Our first new building bulkcarrier has left shipyard.


Our first vessel is already afloat.

M.v. "Zina" was successfully launched on 12th of March 2012.


ISM Interim Certification.

Transship Bulk passed ISM interim certification.


IMO GloBallast Advanced Training Course in Odessa

On 08-09th of December 2011 in Odessa, Ukraine the managers of the Transship Bulk have successfully participated in the IMO GloBallast Advanced Training Course on Operational Aspects of Ballast Water Management.


Keel Laying of the Hull CSN 1016.

On 6th of December, 2011 the keel laying ceremony for our bulk carrier m.v. "Floriana" took place at the 21st Century Shipbuilding Co., Ltd


Decree of Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine № 1030 dated 5th October 2011.

Decree of Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine № 1030 dated 5th October 2011 “Some aspects of execution of preliminary documentary control at the checkpoints when crossing the border of Ukraine” significantly facilitates and speeds up the procedures connected with customs, immigration and other types of special controls of the goods and transport means when passing the border of Ukraine.


Expansion Of The Transship Group

The decision to expand the Transship group of companies has been taken by the private owner.

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