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2018 Annual Review Of Fleet Inspections By PSC.

Our fleet had undergone 15 various inspections by PSC during 2018. 14 inspections completed without deficiencies.


Ship’s Engines Performance Monitoring And Evaluation

Transship Bulk is committed to a proactive approach to Energy Efficiency Management.

Day Of The Seafarer 2018

This year, once again, on 25th of June we want to join international maritime community and pay due tribute to our seafarers.

Recognizing fully the unique contribution seafarers from all over the world make to international seaborne trade, the world economy and civil society as a whole,

Recognizing equally the considerable risks seafarers shoulder in the execution of their daily tasks and duties in an often hostile environment,

Mindful of the deprivations to which seafarers are subject through spending long periods of their professional life at sea away from their families and friends,

We deeply appreciate and express our gratitude to all our seafarers for their unique service.

Transship Bulk