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2018 Annual Review Of Fleet Inspections By PSC.

Our fleet had undergone 15 various inspections by PSC during 2018. 14 inspections completed without deficiencies.


Ship’s Engines Performance Monitoring And Evaluation

Transship Bulk is committed to a proactive approach to Energy Efficiency Management.

Seminar on Cybersecurity Innovative Solutions for Shipping.

Transship Bulk recognizes the importance of the sound cybersecurity management practices in reducing losses to the maritime industry due to unauthorized access into control systems from criminal or unintended activity.

To enhance personnel awareness, Transship Bulk officers attended seminar on Cybersecurity Innovative Solutions for Shipping which was held on May 15 in Odessa, Ukraine in the premises of the National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”.

The Seminar was organized by American Bureau of Shipping. It was attended by shipowners, operators, yards, academy representatives and other members of the local shipping community. Transship Bulk was represented by the managers of the Technical, SQ and IT departments.

During the course of this seminar the experts from ABS Advanced Solutions updated attendees on available solutions to reduce cybersecurity-related conditions or incidents that may negatively affect systems, ships, safety or the performance of cyber-enabled system.