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Ship’s Engines Performance Monitoring And Evaluation

Transship Bulk is committed to a proactive approach to Energy Efficiency Management.


Transition to ISO 9001:2015

Transship Bulk has completed upgrade of the quality management system to the new edition of the ISO 9001 standard 2015 version.

Drug & Alcohol Policy

It is the policy of the TRANSSHIP BULK that no seafarer, whatever rank, will navigate or operate its equipment while impaired by drugs or alcohol or where there is any risk of such impairment.

In following this policy the Company:

  • Has applied defined control over alcohol consumption and has banned all unprescribed drugs including, MARIJUANA, COCAINE, OPIATES, PHENCYCLIDINE, AMPHETAMINES and HEROIN from its managed vessels;
  • Has implemented random testing of all crew, Officers and ratings, for banned substances and use of alcohol;
  • Zero tolerance for alcohol consumption;
  • Control the issue and use of all medical supplies on board its managed vessels;
  • Will dismiss instantly anybody using alcohol or banned substances on board the vessel:
    • caught in possession of alcohol or banned substances;
    • found to have been instrumental in bringing alcohol or banned substances on board the vessel;
    • found to have a positive trace in any random testing sample;
    • the Master will take disciplinary action, including dismissal, against anybody consuming alcohol or banned substances while on shore leave from the vessel or during a period of 24 hours prior to signing on the vessel at the commencement of their service with the vessel;
  • Requires all new recruits to sign a declaration of acceptance of the company Drug and Alcohol Control policy.

A copy of this policy is posted in the Head Office and on board all Company’s Managed Vessels.